Geek Dads Weekly #93 – Ever Seen an 8-Year-Old Chef?


In which Daniel, Drew and Joe talk about child chefs, the Netflix drama, and the idea that not every kid has to be a winner.

After Darren Rowse mentioned it on Twitter, I discovered Junior Masterchef, an Australian cooking competition for children aged 8 to 12 years. It’s brilliant. I described it on the show and opened up the discussion to cooking-related topics. When is a kid old enough to start cooking with a parent? How might that affect kids who are picky eaters – would helping cook make them more likely to try new things?

That led into the idea that not every kid can come in first place. More and more we’re seeing situations where parents are insisting on everyone being a winner and eliminating the concept of losing. None of us are on board with that.

Drew went to a wedding last weekend and his daughter was a flower girl. You’ve got to hear Drew describe how she charmed the crowd, she was adorable.

Everyone is all abuzz about Netflix this week, and we’ve got some theories about it. Netflix isn’t the only company that has its users in an uproar – Facebook is at it again! While you’re listening, check out this cartoon from The Oatmeal that describes the Facebook phenomenon.

Drew wrapped us up with an iPad app called Bobo Explores Light and I followed with a demo of The Going to Bed Book by Sandra Boynton.

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  1. My mom had my ears pierced when I was 3 weeks old and I'm really glad because I NEVER have to worry about the holes closing. I'd do it for my daughter (if/when…)

    It's no more cruel than a circumcision for a boy, even less.

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