Geek Dads Weekly #95 – Moving On


In which Daniel, Joe and Drew talk about the death of an icon, updates from the kids and the genesis of the Shoemoney/PMA episode of Inside Internet Marketing.

We began this week with a discussion about Steve Jobs‘ impact and the legacy he left. It was not my most shining moment. 56 is just too damn young for anyone.

Next up, Drew’s daughter’s birthday celebration is in full swing, with cupcakes and crowns at school. There’s a local artist’s collaborative that has a kids’ birthday party area. For Eva’s party, princess-themed sock monkeys! And more cupcakes.

There was a big discussion about peanuts in school. Where did all these kids with peanut allergies come from? We don’t remember it being like this when we were kids. Schools all have different rules about how peanut products can be brought in for lunch, and Joe’s daughter’s school says that if you bring in a peanut butter sandwich, you have to sit at a table away from all the other kids in the cafeteria.

Last Tuesday was National Night Out, which we participated in. My wife and kids and I headed to the neighborhood park met a few neighbors (including everyone from the homeowners’ association and the mayor of our town, who lives near us). Unsurprisingly, Joe and Drew had never heard of this event. Neither had I, though my wife swears she’s known about it forever. You’d think after ten years of marriage, she would have dragged me to at least one of them by now…

One of Joe’s neighbors is missing a cat. You will not believe the lengths to which they are going to get it back. Listen to this segment and tell me you’re not thinking of joining the search.

The episode of Inside Internet Marketing that pitted Jeremy “Shoemoney” Schoemaker against the Performance Marketing Association is the most downloaded episode of any show I’ve ever produced. It was an insightful show and if you’ve not yet checked it out, you should! Here, I explained how that episode came to be and how it was produced.

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