Geek Dads Weekly #96 – Bronies, iOS 5 and Faceb–wait, Bronies? Really?


In which Daniel, Drew and Joe talk about… My Little Pony. Seriously. I know, I know. Also, combining Facebook and Spotify, upgrading to iOS 5 and all the headaches it caused, Shoemoney vs. the PMA and a bunch of other fun stuff.

The first thing I had to bring up was My Little Pony. You see, there’s an interesting situation happening right now where grown men are watching the new My Little Pony series, Friendship is Magic. They call themselves bronies. Drew’s take on this trend is interesting, and he provided a few helpful links:

Next up, Joe and I talked about Spotify and Facebook music. I love me some Spotify and I went into great detail about the hows and whys of the service as well as the Facebook aspect of it. The published playlists that I mentioned in the show are these:

(Me) Instrumentals While I Work

(Me) Awesome 80’s Metal

(Me) Your New Favorite Playlist

(Missy Ward) TheMusicIListenToEveryday

We’re dealing, with varying degrees of success, with upgrading our devices to iOS 5. It seems like this one has been more plagued with issues than past updates. We also beg the question… what else can you put in a phone?

Lastly, the story behind the Inside Internet Marketing episode, Shoemoney and the PMA. I tell the story of how that came to be, what my role was, and what I learned from the experience. It was very educational.

Drew knows a guy named Scott who is writing a book about Daddy/Daughter dates, which is very cool.

All this and more – thanks for listening! We’d love to hear your thoughts. Leave us a voice mail at 281-241-QAQN(7276). Also, you can email us at

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