I Haven’t Done That Since College! – Geek Dads Weekly #112


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg discuss Fausnaught Day (that’s totally a thing), affiliate management, rebooting movie and television franchises, and Kevin Smith. Also, Pinterest. Again.

We lead off with Fat Tuesday and Fausnaught Day, a tradition that I have been informed is not actually Klingon, but German. It involves decorating doughnuts, which I think we can agree automatically makes it one of the most underrated days of the year. Why am I just learning about this?!

Next, Greg has launched a new contest for merchants. He gave us all the details – he’s giving away four months of free affiliate program management as part of a case study. If you are a merchant who is interested in jump starting your stagnant affiliate program, this is right up your alley.

We got into a whole thing about rebooting movie franchises. Do we really need new versions of old movies? We’re not so sure. Reboots, re-releases and 3D. Ugh.

Kevin Smith has a new TV show that we talked about in this next segment. Well, sort of. Not all of us have watched it yet. We talked quite a bit about his career though, and Drew actually met the dude. The Death Star conversation that I referenced can be found here on YouTube, and here’s the article that Greg found that calculated the cost of building a Death Star.

And next, yet another segment about Pinterest! Greg has coined a new term: Dispinterest. It’s what happens when you stop caring about Pinterest. There’s been some news lately about Pinterest and Skimlinks, and there’s some new code available that allows site owners to block their content from being pinned.

Drew got his hands on a new Playstation Vita, but wasn’t too impressed. Listen for his review, and you can read more about it at BenSpark.

Greg’s checking out Red Dwarf. You should, too. It’s smegging brilliant. The new series is being shot right now. We chatted a bit about Doctor Who as well.

Lastly, I recommended some software for tracking collections of books, movies, comics and more. Great stuff. Available on several platforms.

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