Name This Show – Geek Dads Weekly #120


In which Daniel and Greg talk about Record Store Day 2012, how much better vinyl is than other formats (maybe), Game of Thrones, Affiliate Summits East and Central, and oh yeah, DANIEL SAW THE AVENGERS MOVIE!

Drew Bennett is on vacation this week down in Florida. Later in the show notes I’ve got a short video from him that explains what he’s doing down there besides relaxing.

We started off talking about the artist-of-the-hour, Gotye, who performed last weekend on Saturday Night Live. I really like the two songs he did but not much else of his stuff. Greg noted that his performance at Coachella resulted in a lot of people predicting he’ll be a one hit wonder.

Next, I SAW THE AVENGERS MOVIE! Don’t worry, no spoilers. If you dig these kinds of movies even a little bit, you’re really going to like this one. It’s the best of its kind. I explained on the show how I got to see the movie three weeks early.

Record Store Day 2012 is coming up this Saturday, April 21st. We had a great discussion about vinyl vs. digital formats. I noted that is a great resource for studio-quality digital recordings – if you think CD is the best digital format, think again.

Here’s something you might find interesting. We’re renaming the podcast. How would you like a hundred bucks? Help us name the show. There’s money in it for you.

I have a feeling we’re going to make Game of Thrones a regular weekly segment. The show is too good not to. Greg has blown through all of Season One and the first episode of Season Two, so he’ll be caught up by our next show. We’ll be doing recaps weekly, I think.

In Affiliate Summit news…

Affiliate Summit East 2010 videos are up on YouTube.

The deadline for the call for speakers for Summit East 2012 is Friday, April 20th.

Affiliate Summit East 2012 Has Raised $6,576 So Far to Fight Breast Cancer

And lastly, I made a donation to Affiliate Marketers Give Back, along with Taylor West, who won my Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central 2012 in the auction I held last week. He bid $300 and together we donated $101 to AMGB.

Here’s Drew Bennett in Florida. I need to get a peek at his contact list… just give me five minutes…

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