This Podcast Needs More Cowbell – Geek Dads Weekly #115


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about webcams, Saturday Night Live being funny again, voting, and old school Sesame Street. Also, no mention of Pintere–ah, nuts. 

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We kicked it off with some discussion about our foray into streaming video. Greg got a new video camera, the Logitech C920. He was aiming for the C910 but missed and ended up with the better camera.

Saturday Night Live is funny again? Really? Greg says it’s about 50/50 right now. I’ve always thought it was kind of cyclical, with some casts being better than others – if SNL isn’t funny, give it a couple of years and it’ll bounce back.

Today was Super Tuesday in a lot of states. Was yours one of them? Did you vote? Greg explains why you should. Fight the apathy!

Greg’s cough drops have little inspirational messages on each wrapper. He was very smitten with these things.

The Sesame Street martians got some love this week. Now that I have kids, I’ve come to the realization… our Sesame Street is better than your Sesame Street. Suck it, Elmo.

From Sesame Street to reality television. From reality television to Downton Abbey. I’m trying to figure out why people are so interested in it, but failing. It seems to be very popular, but I find it soooo boring. Someone will have to explain it to me, because Greg & Drew haven’t seen it.

We wrapped with some minor talk about the Oscars. Greg’s waiting for a train wreck. Kinda like watching the Indy 500 and hoping for a helicopter engine explosion.

Other things of note:

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