Zap! – Geek Dads Weekly #127


In which Daniel and Greg bring about the end of the podcast, talk about old cartoons and internet-based radio shows, Daniel got all verklempt, and oh yeah, it’s the end of the podcast!?

We kicked off the final episode of Geek Dads Weekly with a rundown of our Affiliate Summit pass winners (I know, I never did get those show notes together. Sorry.) Congratulations to our winners, and we hope to meet you in New York! We then spent a few minutes talking about the event in general.

Wait, what? The final episode of Geek Dads Weekly? Yes, this podcast is officially over. Fear not! We are merely rebranding! From next week until the next time we get antsy, we shall be known as Zap! Why “Zap!”? We explained in this segment why we feel it fits extraordinarily well. The fun begins next Tuesday at 2pm Eastern, live!

Next, Drew couldn’t be with us today, but he passed along a video from his travels. The audio is in the podcast, but you really need to watch (the video will be posted here in the show notes after it finishes rendering – should be later today). It was recorded yesterday from a stop on the National Hot Dog Month tour.

Back to Greg and I, we did a little segment about old cartoons and how they don’t really hold up very well. He’s a few years older than I am, but we have both gone through the disappointment of re-watching the cartoons from our youth. I’m quite jealous of the kids that are growing up on the animation that’s out there today.

Greg is delving into internet-based radio. It’s a bit like podcasting, it’s a bit like terrestrial radio. He’ll be launching it in the next few weeks.

That conversation prompted me to talk about my home studio rewiring. I recently made my own “lack rack“. Using a $7.99 Lack table from Ikea, I created a sweet rack for my lone piece of rack-mounted podcasting gear, my Compressor/Limiter/Gate. Check it out:

a Lack Rack, DIY project
Now to tame those wires back there…

Next up, a bit about The Amazing Spider-Man, and how well it has done so far. It hasn’t broken any records, but it is performing quite well. There will certainly be sequels. We also considered the possibility of DC bringing about a Justice League movie.

As we got to the end of the show, I announced my re-opening of Daniel M. Clark .com. I am showcasing original fiction there after letting the site go dormant for a couple of years (I wasn’t a very good blogger). If you have an interest in original Sci-Fi and Fantasy (more of the latter than the former), then I’d welcome your time and feedback on my efforts.

We wrapped up with another video from Drew – this one was shot just this morning from a hot dog shop up in Maine.

See you next week on Zap!

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