Drink Good Coffee! with Nate Smith – Inside Internet Marketing #44


I was joined today by a five year veteran of affiliate marketing who has made a name for himself in the coffee niche. He’s also the founder and director of Zynali Marketing Solutions, specializing in social media. You may know him as @CoffeeNate; he is Nate Smith.

Nate and I got into his beginnings in the affiliate marketing industry, where he’s from, and why coffee is such a great niche for him. I was unable to stump him on the QAQN Coffee Quiz – unsurprisingly.

  1. This fictional character appears alongside his mule, Conchita, representing Columbian-grown coffee. (Juan Valdez)
  2. In what part of the world did coffee originate? (Ethiopia)
  3. True or false: instant coffee is worth drinking. (very, very false)

We also talked about Nate’s company, Zynali Marketing Solutions, and how that came about. We wrapped up with a mention of his new podcast, Affiliate Boys of Summer, and the way he takes his coffee: black (though he’d really prefer a proper espresso).

Learn more about Nate at Zynali.com, on TwitterFacebook and CoffeeNate.com. c[_]

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