Eric Schwarzer Knows Your Passwords – Inside Internet Marketing #33


Joining me this week is someone I met for the first time at Affiliate Summit East 2011. I knew right away that I’d like to have him on as a guest. Eric Schwarzer has a pretty extraordinary mind; he is an idea guy, smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, clever as a… um… something that’s clever (unlike me right now, apparently). Listen as Eric deftly turns the interview around, this guy should be doing his own shows.

Eric “From Canada” first got into affiliate marketing about five years ago or so, and found that it really fits well for his family and lifestyle. We talked a lot about working from home, traveling on business and Las Vegas. While we were talking about Affiliate Summit in Las Vegas, Eric mentioned Defcon, which also happens there. We really jumped into an in-depth discussion about computer security, passwords protection and the future of everything. How secure are the companies we work with?

One of Eric’s great projects right now is 8-10 minute site reviews. For only $5 via, Eric will review a page (or several pages) from your sites and offer his critiques. He did it for this site and my newsletter sign-ups doubled. No lie. Doubled, just by taking his advice and moving my sign-up form to a better place on the page. Go check out Eric’s SEO and site design reviews, it’s absolutely worth [more than] a fiver.

Also of note is the Beta version of CBHUD, an upcoming ClickBank insights tool. Go sign up!

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Recorded October 6, 2011.

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