Inside Internet Marketing #0 – Prelude


Much like when Joe and I rebranded and relaunched Geek Dads Weekly, I’ve produced a “zero episode” that serves to feed iTunes and get the ball rolling. iTunes won’t accept a feed with nothing in it, and I can’t start the show without a feed (well, I could, but I don’t want to) so here we are.

It’s a short episode, only about two minutes, in which I lay out the plan for the series.

The game plan is 15-20 minute interviews with people involved in the internet marketing industry. I’m not going to drop names… yet… but I’ve got some folks lined up that will provide awesome perspectives on the industry. Some of them have been a part of it for more than ten years, since the beginning.

The first few interviews will take place at Shareasale’s Think Tank event, coming up October 18-20.

The show will be produced weekly at first, on a day yet to be determined. I’m still working out the editorial calendar. The first full episode will likely be published during the week following Think Tank.

I hope you enjoy Inside Internet Marketing and I’m looking forward to your feedback!

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