Inside Internet Marketing #1 – Todd Farmer


In this inaugural episode of Inside Internet Marketing, I chat with Todd Farmer, a 14-year veteran of the industry. Todd has been around since the earliest of early days and has seen a lot of things come and go. He shares with me his story and views on the industry as well as what he’s got going on with Lisa Picarille at

Some of our topics include: the early days of Amazon and affiliate marketing, Google, email list building in the late 90’s/early 00’s, Affiliate Summit and Shareasale.

Thanks Todd, for coming on the show today!

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  1. Thanks again for letting me be on your first podcast of "Inside Internet Marketing"! It was a lot of fun. (Sorry for the scratchy voice and all the sniffles — I'm still getting over my ShareASale ThinkTank10 cold!)

    Again – thanks and congrats on the launch.

    Really looking forward to hearing your future productions!

  2. this was a great interview. i learned a bunch of things about todd from the old days that i never knew. i think his passion for affiliate marketing really came through. a great start to your new show. i look forward to hearing who's on next.

    1. Thanks, Lisa. My goal is to get into the stories that people have as well as talking about projects and products. Todd's got some good stories!

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