Inside Internet Marketing #11 – Mike Buechele


My guest this week has been involved with the internet since 1997 and with affiliate marketing since about 2004. Mike Buechele is a frequent speaker at industry conferences like Affiliate Summit and was on my team for Affiliate Improv at Summit West 2011 last month. In addition to affiliate marketing, Mike is involved with online ad buying and offers consulting services.

Mike BuecheleMike and I talked about passions and how they influence the work we choose to do. We also covered the daily life of an online marketer when I asked Mike how many hours he generally puts in per week. Much to the chagrin of some folks, Mike prefers the term “performance marketing” to describe what he does, rather than “affiliate marketing”, and we wrapped with a discussion of the current round of internet taxation efforts and how they’re affecting affiliates around the country.

I’d like to thank Mike for coming on the show this week!

Follow Mike on Twitter and view his profile on LinkedIn. If you’re into comics and related things, he co-hosts the Comic Book Fury podcast.

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