Inside Internet Marketing #14 – Greg Hoffman


My guest this week is an outsourced program manager with 6 years of experience in the affiliate marketing space. He and the programs he manages have been nominated for awards at ABestWeb and have won twice. He’s also a podcaster, the host of Affiliate Juice (along with my Geek Dads Weekly co-host Joe Magennis). He’s the marketing gorilla, he’s Greg Hoffman.

Greg Hoffman, affiliate marketing Outsourced Program ManagerGreg and I covered his beginnings in the affiliate marketing industry and how he went from discovery to opening his own OPM consulting firm – and how he came up with Marketing Gorilla as a brand.

We talked about the importance of face-time to his business and to success with affiliate marketing in general. Relationships and trust are the key components to the viability of business, and affiliate marketing is not excluded. To that end, I asked Greg what he thought of the recent Revenews article that posed the question: can a person be both an affiliate manager and an affiliate at the same time? Greg has some great insight into that conundrum.

Next up, the Affiliate Juice podcast and why Greg feels that podcasting is so awesome (I happen to agree!). There’s another show in the works called Affiliate Voices as well.

Thanks for coming on the show today, Greg!

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