Inside Internet Marketing #15 – Lisa Picarille


My guest today is an online content strategist, focusing on internet marketing, branding and social media. Lisa Picarille is a veteran journalist who began her career as a professional sports writer, and headed the news departments of such major organizations as, and Her work has appeared in Rolling Stone, PCWeek, MacWeek and Computerworld, to name a few. Lisa is a tireless advocate for the internet marketing industry and a frequent speaker at industry events – and she’s a fellow podcaster at

Lisa PicarilleLisa and I had a great half hour talking about her beginnings in journalism and affiliate marketing, then a significant segment of the show was devoted to the recent passage of the “Amazon tax” in Illinois. If you are affected by that bill or by similar bills in other states, you’ll not want to miss this discussion.

We finished up with a segment about My Content Pro, a project that Lisa is working on with Todd Farmer. Is content really king? Lisa has an opinion about that.

Thanks Lisa, for coming on the show!

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