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My guest this week is a 12 year veteran of affiliate marketing – she’s been an affiliate, an affiliate manager, a merchant, and a recruiter. Jeannine Crooks is well versed in areas like Pay Per Click, SEO, SEM and much more. An advocate for the industry, Jeannine has testified before the House and Senate in her home state of Colorado in the effort to protect Colorado-based affiliates. She recently joined as an Account Manager here in the US.

Jeannine Crooks, currently with Buy.atJeannine began with a company called Giants, a company for motorcycle parts and accessories, and she helped start their affiliate program at a time when she didn’t even know that that’s what such a program was called! After much success, she found herself in affiliate manager roles in several companies over the next decade or so – such is the nature of our industry. As Jeannine says, it’s easy to switch from one company to another, and she’s even been sold from one company to another!

I asked Jeannine about staying afloat in an industry that’s always changing, and she’s had some great experience that led to some great responses to that question. Stay current. Network. Make connections. The industry is really about personal relationships, more than some people may realize.

We chatted a bit about the affiliate tax (or ‘Amazon tax’) issues, and if you’re not 100% sure about what’s going on and what’s at stake, listen to Jeannine in this segment. Her insight is astounding, and if you – like me – are planning on attending any hearings in your state capital, you’ll want to take notes.

Next, we talked about passion and entrepreneurial spirit. We have tremendous opportunities working in this industry. Jeannine has some great ideas for resources for learning about the industry – and even an inside tip to share.

We wrapped with the story of how she ended up working for and what differentiates from other affiliate networks. Her enthusiasm is fantastic!

Thanks for coming on the show, Jeannine!

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