Inside Internet Marketing #17 – Jared Saunders


My guinea pig – I mean guest – this week is Jared Saunders, affiliate manager at Jensen USA. Jared was kind enough to bear with me during my first Ustream live broadcast with a guest!

Jared SaundersLike a lot of people, Jared didn’t plan on jumping into affiliate marketing, but when the opportunity presented itself, he really made a splash. After taking over the program at JensenUSA, a fantastic retailer of bikes and gear related to cycling, Jared found himself the recipient of a 2009 ShareASale Exceptional Affiliate Manager award. Why? How about a tenfold increase in affiliate sales? His personal touch has made that program one of the most pleasant to work with on the network.

Jared is also an avid cyclist and you can count on several tweets a week that note the miles he racks up. Cycling was an enthusiasm as a child but he ratcheted it up to a passion while living in New Zealand – and really, when you’re trying to avoid the orcs that roam New Zealand, a bike is a great thing to have.

He’s a bit of a personal inspiration to me. Fitness is a major part of Jared’s life. Like me, he once clocked in at 250 pounds and has dropped all the weight that I’m hoping to drop – he’s down to 190. A challenge was issued and accepted in this episode. We’re each going to aim for losing 15 pounds before Affiliate Summit. There’s a trophy involved. I’m not scared! Bring it!

Big thanks to Jared for coming on the show – follow him on Twitter and check out the JensenUSA program on ShareASale!

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