Inside Internet Marketing #18 – Affiliate Summit East 2011 Recap with Eric Souza


Affiliate Summit East 2011 is but a memory, and my guest, Eric Souza, is here to share some of his.

I met Eric Souza in the Blogger Lounge on Sunday, the first official day of Summit. We had some good conversations (he’s intent on figuring out what the letters QAQN could stand for). Yesterday I took to Twitter to ask who would like to come on the show with me, and Eric was the first to respond.

Eric and I covered some great ground in just under twenty minutes, from the food to the sessions to the networking opportunities and more.

Coming up in episode 19, a recap with Jeannine Crooks of and in episode 20, the always awesome Jill Swartwout shares her thoughts about the Meet Market and her Summit experiences.

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