Inside Internet Marketing #20 – Affiliate Summit East 2011 Recap with Jill Swartwout


My guest this time is Jill Swartwout of Girly Checks and the Carousel Checks family. She offered her unique insights and thoughts about the Meet Market, the power of working the floor, and why she wears pink.

Branding is important. I’ve got my Kangol hat that I’m recognized for, and Jill Swartwout is all about the color pink at these events. Pink plays an especially important role this time, as Girly Checks – along with TicketSizzle – sponsored the Saturday night party:’s Give Back Event. For every person that wore pink to the party, each sponsor donated $2 to Affiliate Marketers Give Back, the excellent charity championed by Summit co-founder Missy Ward.

Jill shared the results of the party along with her thoughts on Affiliate Summit, the Hilton hotel and the quality of swag.

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