Inside Internet Marketing #29 – Liz Gazer


Liz Gazer has been involved with affiliate marketing since about 2004. She’s the driving force behind Growthspurt Media, an Affiliate Program Management and consulting business. She has been nominated for awards in her position as an affiliate manager, and is a regular attendee and speaker at industry events like Affiliate Summit and CJU.

Liz Gazer, Affiliate ManagerLiz and I got started with a bit of history; we began with where she hails from, how she got into affiliate marketing and what kinds of things she’s done in the industry. It was pretty soon into the interview that I touched on one of Liz’s big passions: ethics.

Liz believes, as do I, that in order for our industry to move forward in a positive, meaningful way, that ethics needs to be addressed at all levels: from the affiliate to the merchant to the networks and agencies. She also has some great insight about what it means to be able to call your competitors friends, as she is able to do.

You can learn more about Liz Gazer at Growthspurt Media and follow her on Twitter.

Big thanks to Liz for coming on the show today!

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