Inside Internet Marketing #3 – Jen Goode


My guest for episode three is Jen Goode, a work-at-home entrepreneur that’s been working online since the mid-90’s. Jen has a vast array of talents: graphic design, site building, coding, affiliate marketing, social media, and she somehow has time to raise three great kids. Her latest venture is joining Money Minded Moms as a contributing writer.

In this episode of Inside Internet Marketing, Jen and I talk about her penguins – she’s “The Penguin Lady” to a lot of folks – as well as her thoughts on the industry, doing what you love, and Affiliate Summit. Jen is the Newcomer Program organizer for Summit, and if you’re attending Affiliate Summit West 2011 in January as a first-time attendee, I personally highly recommend joining the Newcomer Program.

Jen can be found at, and she blogs at as well as writing for

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