Inside Internet Marketing #5 – Jim Kukral


Jim Kukral is my special guest this week as we come back from a week off for Thanksgiving. I hope you all had a great holiday. Jim has been involved in internet marketing since 1995 – before, he likes to say, tables were even introduced into HTML. Jim is a prolific speaker, blogger, video producer and author of both e-books and printed books. His excellent Attention! This Book Will Make You Money is on store shelves now.

Jim KukralIn the space of 20 minutes, Jim and I talk about his beginnings with online business and his move into live speaking engagements with his advice for those that want to do the same. His advice is indispensable for anyone considering adding live presentations to their repertoire.

We also cover Jim’s decision to quit blogging and why that has worked out well for him as well as our This Book Will Fight Breast Cancer project that’s culminating with the silent auction at Affiliate Summit West in January. It’s an honor to have Jim on the show this week, and you can learn more about him at


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