Inside Internet Marketing #6 – Shawn Collins


Joining me today is one of the most well-known people in the industry. As the co-founder of Affiliate Summit, the largest affiliate marketing conference in the world, Shawn Collins plays host to thousands of people in our industry twice yearly.

Shawn Collins, Affiliate SummitIn addition to, and sometimes in conjunction with, Affiliate Summit, Shawn is also the co-Editor in Chief of FeedFront Magazine, the founder of the podcast network, a book author, blogger, podcaster, video producer and recipient of many industry awards. *whew* On top of all that, he’s married with children, and I honestly don’t know how it manages it all so well.

Shawn gave me an excellent interview in which we talked about his beginnings in affiliate marketing and management, the foundation of Affiliate Summit, the techie scene in Austin vs. Jersey, podcasting and more. Don’t forget to book your travel to Summit in January as soon as possible; Shawn expects the show will sell out (as it always does) in about two weeks or so!

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