Inside Internet Marketing #7 – Jason Rubacky


It’s the end of 2010 and my guest for the final show of the year is Jason Rubacky, Affiliate Development Manager with ShareASale. Jason has been around the industry for about 8 years and in that time has made quite a name for himself. His whiteboard sessions, speaking engagements, Facebook presence and active Twitter stream have captured the attention of thousands.

Jason RubackyJason and I talked about his beginnings in the industry, his efforts at testing SEO methods and his passion for paying it forward by teaching those methods to others. He’s got some really great ideas – and some very strong opinions – about exact match domains and working the SERPs. If you’re into SEO at all, you’re going to enjoy what Jason’s got to say about this.

Other notable items we talked about: at the upcoming Affiliate Summit West 2011, Jason has a session. Also, the Church of SEO Facebook group is amazing, and though not everyone is guaranteed an invite, it’s absolutely worth applying for.

You can learn more about Jason at various places online, including Twitter, Facebook, his blog, via Skype (jasonrubacky) and email (jason -at-

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  1. Great interview. In a thieving and cut-throat industry, its great to see people giving and sharing in any capacity.

  2. Awesome interview. Thanks to Jason for putting himself out there. I'm looking forward to seeing great things from Jason and have really enjoyed the podcasts for this new show so far. Nice work Daniel and keep em coming!

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