Inside Internet Marketing #8 – Jill Swartwout


My guest this week is Jill Swartwout of Jill has been around the industry for about five years, after being introduced to it by her father, Bill. Recently nominated for awards at ABestWeb (Girly Checks, Best Affiliate Program and Best Affiliate Manager (together with Bill)), Jill is quickly making a very positive name for herself and her program.

Jill Swartwout of GirlyChecks.comDuring our interview, Jill revealed how she got involved in the affiliate marketing industry and what keeps her in it. We discussed Affiliate Summit West 2011 and previous Summits that she has attended, and Jill went into great detail about the Girly Checks program: why it has been so successful, why affiliates love it and what customers can expect when shopping with Girly Checks.

Learn more about Jill through social media on Facebook and Twitter and find out more about Girly Checks on ShareASale, at, and at

Thanks for listening, and thanks Jill for coming on the show this week!

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  1. It was great to do the podcast with you Daniel! You always make me smile and you magially made me feel at ease so it was a breeze talking with you even though, admittedly, I was a bit nervous! Thanks for having me on! And don't forget to get your GirlyChecks button got the Button Contest at Affiliate Summit East in August!

    1. You might have been nervous, but who screwed up and had to be edited? ;)
      You were great, and thanks for coming on the show! I won't forget the button contest next time :)

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