Inside Internet Marketing Special Edition – Countdown to Affiliate Summit East 2011


Affiliate Summit East is right around the corner and here you’ll find information about the conference, the venue, the parties and more.

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Rather than type up everything again, I’m going to give you the outline that I created prior to recording. This is far more detailed than I usually get with my prep, but I had a lot of things I wanted to cover and I definitely needed a bullet list to make sure I did. I strayed a bit from the outline so this isn’t completely a replacement for listening to the show ;) Here you go:

What is Affiliate Summit?

  • conference for affiliate marketers and the companies they work with
  • founded by shawn & missy in 2003
    • the first conference was on a cruise ship and hosted 200 people. earlier this year in vegas, there were 4,627 attendees
  • education is a big part
  • networking is perhaps a bigger part
  • four pass types – Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond
    • silver: meet market, exhibit hall, keynotes
    • gold: everything from silver plus educational sessions on Sunday, all the powerpoint presentations and recorded session videos (usually a few months after the show) – even though you get the videos, you don’t get the sessions in-person
    • platinum: all the gold items plus breakfast and lunch on monday and tuesday, all the educational sessions on all three days, participation in the newcomer program
    • diamond: all platinum items plus your company logo on your name badge, express check-in and DVDs of all the recorded session videos
    • all of this info can be found at or (affiliate link)

The Hilton

  • not quite as much walking as in vegas because the elevators go from the upper floor rooms right down into the conference area. in vegas, things are more sprawled. new york, things are more vertical.
  • laguardia is the closest airport, about 8 miles away
  • central park is a few blocks away
  • Mediterranean restaurant, a Cafe, a bar and a lounge and a starbucks
  • as of today, July 28th, they have rooms available, the lowest price is $279/night

Newcomer Program

  • Started a few years ago, it’s been run by Jen Goode since, i think, 2009.
  • great resource for people who haven’t attended before
  • NOT for getting advice about business, affiliate marketing or general work-related stuff, it’s just a way for people who have been to Summit before to take someone under their wing a little bit, show them around, introduce them to a few people and be generally helpful.
  • jen’s always looking for summit veterans to help the program out, or if you’re a first-timer and want to join the program, the address is OR – and yeah, that’s an affiliate link… i wouldn’t be much of an affiliate marketer if I didn’t use an affiliate link to point folks to affiliate summit, would I?
  • Sunday, 6:30pm Newcomer Meetup


  • things like How to Pitch Your Company, How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence, and Killing the Affiliate Nexus Tax Dead
    • sessions begin Sunday and run from 10am to about 5pm through Tuesday – Tuesday shuts down a little earlier
  • Affiliate Improv – Monday, 2pm! BE THERE!
  • Interactive scheduling tool:
  • and while you’re not in a session, if you’re a blogger, stop by the blogger lounge, being run by Heather Smith, HeatherinBC on twitter


  • ShareASale Under the Stars – The ShareASale Barn Dance! At the Hilton on Sunday night from 8 to midnight, open bar, mechanical bull, live band, square dancing and more. Apparently there will be a chicken coop. I don’t know where they’re going to get live chickens but… it’s New York City. I’d be surprised if they couldn’t get live chickens.
  • is always awesome. This time, the party is called “Buy.At’s Give Back Event”. It’s Saturday night, 8-11 pm at the Kimberly Hotel penthouse lounge. Here’s the coolest part – if you wear a pink item (clothing, accessory), will donate $2 to Affiliate Marketers Give Back. Even better than that, and have agreed to match that amount! Plus there’s going to be a silent auction between 8 and 10.
  • Karaoke monday night, more low-key, great for people that want a break from the loud parties. don’t think there’s a url for this yet, but keep an eye on the affiliate summit blog and forum, you’ll see an announcement about it.

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