Sam Harrelson: Don’t Call it a Comeback – Inside Internet Marketing #38


My guest this time is Sam Harrelson, longtime blogger and affiliate marketer, and recent nominee of an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award! Sam’s up for Best Blogger at Affiliate Summit West 2012.

Sam and I talked about a range of industry topics, including:

  • The de-evolution of forums and the evolution of social media
  • The democratization of industry resources
  • Twitter vs. Facebook vs. LinkedIn
  • His beginnings in the industry
  • CPA vs. CPS – can they be brought together? Are they really that different?
  • The Amazon or “Ad Tax” and forthcoming Federal laws
  • The PMA and the unionization of the industry
  • Labels! Performance? Affiliate? Mobile? CPA, CPS, PPC – how many little kingdoms do we need?

Most importantly perhaps, we debated the effectiveness of business cards vs. apps for contact info transfer.

You can find Sam at his industry blog, PayPerTrends and on Twitter.

Thanks for listening!

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