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My guest this week is an internet marketing specialist with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience. Sarah Bundy has been a top performer for more than a dozen multimillion dollar corporations, has won multiple awards for sales and service, and has founded four companies of her own. She’s the CEO of All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) and the brand new Affiliate Management Trainers (AMT). Sarah has written for FeedFront magazine and ReveNews and she speaks at conferences such as Affiliate Management Days and the Online Marketing Summit. She also teaches at the Online Marketing Institute.

Sarah BundyLike many of my guests, Sarah was thrown into the industry as part of a different position. She quickly started learning as much as she could “like a sponge” and worked her way into a situation of influence that afforded her the opportunity to focus on an important goal: education. Growing out of her work with AIM, her new team at Affiliate Management Trainers works to educate online retailers.

Big thanks to Sarah Bundy for coming on the show! You can follow her on Twitter and learn more about her at AIM and AMT. Sarah can also be reached by email: sarah(at)

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  1. Great podcast with one of my favorite people in the business (or out of it ) I'm really excited about the Affiliate Management Trainers project and wish you and your team the best of luck in this Sarah!

  2. Thank you both! Daniel, it was a pleasure to be on your show and I'm also looking forward to a great 2012! To clarify, I'm not moving away from AIM completely. I believe there will always be a need for quality, good value outsourced program management and our business is thriving. I have too much fun managing programs and working with merchants and affiliates to move away from it all together. I just recognized a need for better training for in house managers and therefore launched AMT to help service that need. Additionally, I will be more involved in educating new and intermediate level merchants in the space through the various industry conferences. I also encourage affiliates and merchants who are smart, savvy, honest people to help spread the word about the #FBAME movement. Again, it was a pleasure and I look forward to seeing the positive changes on the horizon for the industry this year!

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