Shoemoney: Sharing Experiences – Inside Internet Marketing #39


My guest this time is Jeremy Schoemaker, known throughout the industry as Shoemoney. Never one to shy from any topic, Jeremy is on the show to give a follow-up to the PMA discussion, dish on Fast Company and personalities in the internet marketing space, and offer up his personal philosophy: sharing experiences.

ShoemoneyJeremy also talked about how he got his start online, how the Shoemoney blog came together, and how he became the brand that he is today. As the closing keynote of Affiliate Summit coming up in January, he is sure to entertain and offer something to think about. Going to Summit? Do not miss that keynote. Trust me.

If you don’t know Shoemoney you’ll get to know him over the course of 75 packed minutes. When you’re done, connect with him on TwitterFacebook and at where Jeremy shares more of his experiences.

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  1. Great episode! Thanks for sharing your insight Jeremy and for providing a great setting for insightful discussion Daniel.

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