Trisha Lyn Fawver is #37! In a row! – Inside Internet Marketing #37


This week is part two of a three-part series leading up to Affiliate Summit and my session, Affiliate Improv!. My guest is Trisha Lyn Fawver, one of the panelists from Affiliate Improv!, and she’s here to chat about our session, Summit, and a few other things. She’s number 37! (Insert Kevin Smith joke here)

“Four industry veterans brainstorm marketing ideas for items/services with audience participation. Ideas to actionable solutions in one fun, lively hour. Come get your creative juices flowing!”

Affiliate Improv! happens on Sunday, January 8th at 3:30pm in the Augustus V room at Caesar’s Palace, Las Vegas. Space is limited, so get there early! This session is open to Gold, Platinum and Diamond passholders and is geared toward beginner and intermediate attendees.

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