Affiliate Summit Central 2012 is officially sold out. If you haven’t secured a pass yet, you’re pretty much out of luck… unless you want mine. I will sell this pass for a minimum of $249, which is what you would pay if you bought the pass on-site the day of the event. Keep reading for all the details of this unique sale and an opportunity to support Affiliate Marketers Give Back.

Yet Another Weight Loss Show has been canceled. My weight loss efforts, such as they are, will be the subject of a periodic segment on Geek Dads Weekly from this point forward.

It’s hard to believe it’s been this long, but four years ago, I created a website that would forever change the face of internet commerce, internet marketing, and the wearing of money skirts the world over.


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg discuss video games for young kids, pro wrestling for grown-ups, the Walking Dead for mature audiences and Twilight for repressed housewives. Oh, and something about some movie called Hunger Games, which is for pretty much anyone.

As DC Comics continues to reinvent its long-time characters, a back-up story in this week’s Justice League #7 reintroduced Billy Batson and Shazam. Check out this screenshot from the comic, in which Billy Batson declares himself a podcaster.


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about the findings of a survey of geek dads, going offline on the National Day of Unplugging, and using a Polar RCX5 training computer (er, exercise monitor. Fancy, right?).

You’re standing in the middle of a highway. Toward you comes a car and should it hit you, you will surely end up in the hospital, if not end up dead. The car absolutely will not move to avoid you under any circumstances. You have three choices.

I was looking at my To Do list in Evernote just now, and I found a block of text that I had put in there way at the bottom; apparently it’s been pushed down further and further as I added whitespace to the list. I’m sure I meant to write something that built upon this thought many months ago, when talk of the FTC disclosure rules was still fresh, but what the heck, here it is anyway.


We’ve got a packed house this week with appearances by Greg Hoffman, Jill Swartwout, Jennifer Myers Ward, Jared Saunders, Shari Friedman and me, Daniel M. Clark.


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about webcams, Saturday Night Live being funny again, voting, and old school Sesame Street. Also, no mention of Pintere–ah, nuts.