Podcast Consulting at Affiliate Summit

Will you be attending Affiliate Summit?

Affiliate SummitAffiliate Summit East 2011 is coming up in August, and I’ll be in attendance. Will you? If so, how would you like to schedule a one-on-one, in-person consult?

I have one-hour blocks currently open for scheduling:

  • Saturday, August 20th
    • 10am • 11am • 2pm • 3pm • 4pm • 5pm
  • Sunday, August 21st
    • 10am • 11am • 2pm • 3pm • 4pm
  • Monday, August 22nd
    • 10am • 11am
  • Tuesday, August 23rd
    • 10am • 11am • 2pm • 3pm • 4pm

Please don’t delay!

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