Privacy Policy

Privacy policy… privacy policy… hm.

I guess this is supposed to be a page full of legal mumbo-jumbo that describes exactly what information I collect from my visitors and tells you what I will and will not do with it.


Well, I use Google Analytics to collect information about my visitors and Raven Tools to tell me what it all means. I also have a newsletter signup form through AWeber that asks for your name and email address. That’s it.

I only collect what information Google Analytics collects – things like what browser you’re using, what your screen resolution is, where you came from before you showed up here – and that’s all. For a full run-down on what they offer, you’ll want to check their site. AWeber also has their own Privacy Policy.

That’s about it. I solemnly swear not to sell, rent, loan, or otherwise give your personally identifying information to anyone. If there is any… I mean, I don’t think there really is. I know Google Analytics gets your IP address, but that’s hardly personal information.

There, that was a pretty painless privacy policy, wasn’t it?

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