Prelude – SMACK Talk #0


It’s a brand new series from QAQN featuring the talents of Shannon Vogel and Jen Myers Ward!

This is a prelude episode for SMACK Talk: Social • Marketing • Affiliate • Conversion • Knowledge. If you caught the session that these ladies participated in at Affiliate Summit East 2012, you’ve seen a preview of the kind of show they’ll be doing. Brash, frank, open talk for folks that work in and around the online marketing and social media spaces.

This episode serves only to prime iTunes and for inclusion in the podcast directory and stats tracking, respectively. The debut episode will be recorded next Tuesday, September 25th.

And if you’re curious about what they almost titled this series, you’ll have to tune in to the prelude and find out. It would have been great… but alas, the concern over filters—a completely reasonable concern—won out over Jen & Shannon’s desire to go with a more… risqué title.

Thanks for listening!

Published by Jennifer Myers Ward

Jennifer is the CEO of ebove & beyond, inc., an established online marketing company focused on helping clients with email marketing, affiliate marketing and overall website usability. Outside of that, she is a mother of 2, a crossfit nut and an all out sports fan...Go Heels!

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