Drink Good Coffee! with Nate Smith – Inside Internet Marketing #44


I was joined today by a five year veteran of affiliate marketing who has made a name for himself in the coffee niche. He’s also the founder and director of Zynali Marketing Solutions, specializing in social media. You may know him as @CoffeeNate; he is Nate Smith.

Affiliate Summit Central 2012 Preview


Affiliate Summit is producing a series of interviews with speakers at the upcoming conference in Austin. I spoke with Affiliate Summit Ambassador Mary Poiley for just over twelve minutes, mostly about my session, Step by Step: Podcasting for Business. We also talked a little about my overall involvement and history in the industry. It was a fun interview – hope to see you in Austin for Affiliate Summit Central 2012!

Our Donation to Affiliate Marketers Give Back

Last week I created a silent auction (of a sort) to sell my unneeded Full pass to Affiliate Summit Central 2012. The event is sold out, and since I will be getting a Speaker pass (Step By Step: Podcasting for Business, Tuesday, May 15, at 9:30am is my session), I no longer needed the pass that I bought back in January. Read on to learn who won the auction and how much we donated!

Bill and Ted’s Completely Unnecessary Adventure – Geek Dads Weekly #119


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about holidays, pointless movie sequels, affiliate marketing & OneLoad.com, and the recent discovery of a little-known site called eBay. You can buy stuff from them apparently.

Affiliate Marketing: Not Like Porn After All!

Missy Ward, whom you probably know as a co-founder of Affiliate Summit, reached out to TubeMogul/OneLoad.com but was met with resistance to the suggestion that maybe affiliate marketing shouldn’t be included on such a list. Certainly there is nothing inherently scammy or misleading about affiliate marketing – respectable companies have been successfully recruiting affiliates to help advertise their products for the better part of 15 years.

Affiliate Link Disclosure Rules: Fair?

I was looking at my To Do list in Evernote just now, and I found a block of text that I had put in there way at the bottom; apparently it’s been pushed down further and further as I added whitespace to the list. I’m sure I meant to write something that built upon this thought many months ago, when talk of the FTC disclosure rules was still fresh, but what the heck, here it is anyway.

Affiliate Marketing: Just Like Porn, Apparently

At a glance, it looks like OneLoad is just trying to prevent people from monetizing their videos, but that’s not the case; there is nothing here that says a company can’t upload a sales video. MLM, affiliate marketing, network marketing and home-based businesses… other businesses are perfectly welcome to upload videos.

Anyone who doesn’t think affiliate marketing has an image problem has their head in the sand.

Sam Harrelson: Don’t Call it a Comeback – Inside Internet Marketing #38


My guest this time is Sam Harrelson, longtime blogger and affiliate marketer, and recent nominee of an Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award! Sam’s up for Best Blogger at Affiliate Summit West 2012.

Trisha Lyn Fawver is #37! In a row! – Inside Internet Marketing #37


This week is part two of a three-part series leading up to Affiliate Summit and my session, Affiliate Improv!. My guest is Trisha Lyn Fawver, one of the panelists from Affiliate Improv!, and she’s here to chat about our session, Summit, and a few other things. She’s number 37! (Insert Kevin Smith joke here)