Do You Know How to Drive a Stick?! – Zap! #180


In which Daniel and Greg go on and on and on about Homeowners Associations, the Avengers on DVD, Second Life, the space shuttle, the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program, and Red Dwarf. Also: Greg actually ate the candy corn Oreo cookies. Dunk this episode in a glass of milk.

Geek Dads Assemble! – Geek Dads Weekly #122


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg talk about the Avengers movie.

No, that’s it. Just that.

It’s a spoileriffic episode as we talk in great detail about the flick – you have been warned. Don’t come crying to us if you listen to the show before watching the movie. We lay it all out here for the full hour.

Marvel’s The Avengers Prize Pack Giveaway!

While I would normally announce something like this on Geek Dads Weekly, I just got the notification about it this morning and I want to give you guys as much time as possible to participate!

QAQN has one special Avengers Prize Pack to give to a lucky fan! Keep reading to learn how to enter – good luck! The contest runs from today, April 25th, to May 4th (Avengers movie release day!)