In this installment, Trisha & Daniel mostly get into a discussion about seasonality in affiliate marketing and wanting more education and classes at affiliate events and less high-level presentations. Mostly.

The sessions from Affiliate Summit East 2010 have just been posted to YouTube! This session was a first for me; it was my first session that had been planned and submitted ahead of time. We called it Podcasting 101 and we covered the basics of the craft. We talked about the challenges and how to build a solid show and monetize it. Fun!

It was shortly before the deadline for article proposals for FeedFront 17, when I thought, maybe I’ll take a break from podcasting articles and write up a little something about the Newcomer Program? It came together really well, almost effortless.

As you know (I hope!) all of my QAQN shows are broadcast live as they’re being recorded, and I thought others might like to know a bit about the hows and whys of it.


My guest this week is an internet marketing specialist with over 12 years of sales and marketing experience. Sarah Bundy has been a top performer for more than a dozen multimillion dollar corporations, has won multiple awards for sales and service, and has founded four companies of her own. She’s the CEO of All Inclusive Marketing (AIM) and the brand new Affiliate Management Trainers (AMT).

Starting out as a podcaster with a cheap headset and free software is ideal for a beginner, but what do you do when you want to take your show’s quality to the next level? The most dramatic impact you can have on the quality of your show is to change to a hardware-based workflow.

In the past two issues of FeedFront, we discussed the reasons why you should be podcasting, the planning stages, and the recording of your first show. Next up is the proper tagging of your show and the uploading and distributing your episodes.