Shareasale Think Tank 2012 Recap – Inside Internet Marketing #45


Greg Hoffman and I discuss the Shareasale Think Tank 2012 conference in great detail. If you have an interest in affiliate marketing and one of the best networks around, this is the episode to check out.

A New Geek Dad! – Geek Dads Weekly #107


In which Daniel and Drew welcome a new co-host to the Geek Dads Pantheon of Awesomeness – Greg Hoffman.

The show notes will be completed later this evening. I apologize for the delay, but I wanted to get this thing posted before it got ridiculously late. Not that MONDAY isn’t pretty ridiculous already, I suppose. I’ll explain later.

Down is Down – Affiliate Marketers Fitness Challenge #3


AMFC is powered this week by myself, Wade Tonkin and Greg Hoffman. All three of us have seen a weight loss over the past week. None of us had a giant drop, but were all in the range of 1-3 pounds or so. Down is down though, and we’ll count our successes where we find them!