Last night—or perhaps last year, depending on when you’re reading this—I had the supreme pleasure of appearing on a recent episode of Nick Seuberling’s START podcast to talk about podcast art. Nick and I met when were simultaneously guests on Ray Ortega’s Podcasters Roundtable not long ago, and when he (Nick, not Ray) read my NMX article about podcast art, he decided to invite me on his show to talk more about it!


In which Daniel and Greg talk about a new Battlestar Galactica show, Daniel’s new podcasting book, social media purges, and the upcoming Marvel movies.

Issue 19 of FeedFront was published in July 2012 with an August cover date. This issue served as the program for Affiliate Summit East 2012 and to go along with my gig as the Emcee of the event, I pitched an article about public speaking.

For issue 18 of FeedFront Magazine, I tackled a topic near and dear to my heart: making my life easier.

I’m writing for BlogWorld again! I’m happy to be writing for the site again now on a bi-weekly basis. My first new article is 7 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Podcasting and here’s a preview.

I deactivated 20(!) plugins that I wasn’t using or didn’t need. My site’s load time dropped by half. Yesterday, I deactivated three more. I’m down to seven plugins, and each one of them is required to make my site function or to make my job significantly easier. These are the seven.

I was asked via Twitter how best to optimize podcast file sizes in order to avoid making listeners download massive files. It’s a great idea, paying attention to that, so I have a few suggestions regarding embedded images and bitrates.

The sessions from Affiliate Summit East 2010 have just been posted to YouTube! This session was a first for me; it was my first session that had been planned and submitted ahead of time. We called it Podcasting 101 and we covered the basics of the craft. We talked about the challenges and how to build a solid show and monetize it. Fun!

Oh, who am I kidding. Of course you’re invited. It wouldn’t be the same without you!

Affiliate Summit is sponsoring the first in a series of Twitter chats and I’ve been tapped to be the first volunteer! The topic is podcasting, the location is Twitter, and the duration is one hour. We’ll start at 9pm Eastern on Thursday, March 8th. Our hashtag will be #affchat. Read on for more details.


In which Daniel, Drew and Greg mull over the next generation, the history of blogging, Gentlemint.com, Drew’s new recording setup, and the travesty that is the grocery store toy aisle.