The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster

So, I wrote a book…

It’s a little small, but you can see it right there on the virtual cover: By Daniel M. Clark. This is The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Podcaster, and it’s pretty much what the title implies… it’s everything you need to get started as a podcaster. Some fast facts to get you started:

I’ve been writing articles for NMX for a while now, and they dig my style. When they had the idea to publish a podcasting book in their Ultimate Guide series, I was asked to write it. How could I turn it down?

I recently published a preview of the book, an excerpt from part six, on the NMX blog. The full table of contents? Sure, here you go:

  • Chapter One: Introduction
    • Who am I?
    • A little more before we get started…
  • Chapter Two: Why Podcast?
    • Just What is Podcasting?
    • Why You Should Podcast
      • It’s Fun
      • It’s Easy
      • It’s Inexpensive
      • There Isn’t a Lot of Competition
      • Expectations Are Low
      • It’s Quite Profitable (Potentially)
      • They Are Unregulated
      • They Are Ultra-Portable
    • Why Podcasters Do What They Do
      • Cliff Ravenscraft
      • Shawn Collins
      • Daniel J. Lewis
      • Randy Cantrell
      • Ray Ortega
      • Ron “Aalgar” Watt
      • Matt Rowbotham
  • Chapter Three: Setting Up
    • The Show Overview
      • The Topic
      • The Talent
      • The Length
      • The Schedule
      • The Show Name
      • Who is the Intended Audience?
      • The Artwork
      • The Website
      • Who is the Competition?
      • Monetization Overview: Speaking Links
      • Considering Assets
    • Equipment
      • Your Computer
      • USB Microphones
      • Professional Mics
      • Mixers
        • A Basic Mix-Minus
      • Digital Audio Recorders
      • Professional Headphones
      • Podcasting on the Go
    • Artwork
      • Making it Good
  • Chapter Four: Production
    • Recording
      • Software
      • Environment
      • Microphone Technique
      • Using Your Voice
      • Using Soundboards
    • Editing
      • Parts of a Multitrack Editor
      • Basic Editing Tasks
      • ID3 Tags
  • Chapter Five: Publishing
    • Media Hosting
      • Amazon S3
      • Blubrry
      • Libsyn
      • What is FTP?
    • Stats Tracking
    • Setting Up WordPress
      • Settings
      • Category Structure
      • PowerPress and RSS
      • Plugins
      • The Site’s Theme and Layout
    • Setting Up Other Platforms
    • Getting Into Directories
      • iTunes
      • Zune
      • Other Directories
  • Chapter Six: Feedback
    • Post Comments
    • Contact Pages
      • Contact Form
      • Email Address
      • Social Media Links
    • Call-in Lines
      • Skype
      • Google Voice
    • Social Media
  • Chapter Seven: In Conclusion
  • About the Author
  • About New Media Expo

Pretty comprehensive, yes? Go download a copy of it right now, I think you’ll be glad you did. If not, I’ll cheerfully refund your money, no questions asked.

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  1. Hi Daniel or webmaster. This issue might be local to me, but I clicked on the link for the book download and it goes the 2015 conference page, but immediately forwards to another page and I cannot stop it in the page for the conference. The forward is some sort of BS for "Is this your domain?" and I would like to read your book.

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