It’s Not as Bad as it Seems – Yet Another Weight Loss Show #25


After a little time off I’m back with an episode of YAWLS in which I talk about a slight backslide on the scale, tracking my intake and my excellent new bike courtesy of my super-cool new sponsor, JensonUSA.

October wasn’t a stellar month for me, fitness-wise, but I seem to be back on track. The problem, I think, was that I stopped tracking my food intake. I had been using the Livestrong app for my iPhone to track, but fell out of the habit. I’m back on track because in the past week that I’ve started tracking again, I’ve dropped almost two pounds. Apps like this make it super-easy to see exactly what you’re doing and when, which makes it super-easy to determine what things to avoid and when.

Next, I talked about JensonUSA, my great new sponsor. They gave me a bike to ride, and it’s amazing. Way better than the beat-up old mountain bike that I had been riding. In this segment, I explained why and how I got the bike and what I’m doing with it. It’s amazing the things you learn when you’ve got a great bike under you. It’s also amazing what you learn when you put a bike together by yourself for the first time and make adjustments to the fit of it.

Next week – 228!

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