Nothing to Say… For 30 Minutes – Yet Another Weight Loss Show #30


I was a little more than 45 minutes late doing this episode live, because I decided not to skip it altogether after all. I was going to skip because I didn’t think I had anything to say this week. Turns out, I did. I had about a half hour’s worth of things to say, apparently!

In addition to the update on my efforts (been back on the bike, been eating better), I also talked about the role that the food industry has in keeping people fat. Specifically, keeping poor people fat. It’s not just poor people and it’s not just the food industry, I know – but there’s a pretty definitive link between how much money a person makes and how much fresh, healthful food they can afford. There’s a reason McDonald’s and no-name cheap grocery stores (where you can’t trust the quality of the meat & produce) thrive in low-income areas, after all. So… yeah. Looks like I had a topic after all. Hope you enjoy it.

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