Yet Another Weight Loss Show #1 – 249 – The Beginning


This is the inaugural episode of another new QAQN production: Yet Another Weight Loss Show. Isn’t that what the world really needs? Yet another one? Well, here it is!

Being the geek that I am, I get excited about new gadgets and technology. When I first got my iPhone, I installed the Lose It! app, and started tracking what I was eating. I lost 20 pounds doing that. These days, I’ve found my passion for podcasting, and I’m using that as a means to geek out over losing weight and getting into better shape.

This first episode didn’t cover a few things that I had meant to cover. Chalk it up to ill preparation, I suppose – I thought I had everything at the forefront of my mind. But there are points that I want to address here in the show notes to go along with the episode that you are listening (or are about to listen) to. Next week I’ll bullet point the things I want to talk about beforehand.

First, no fad diets. No Atkins, no South Beach, no this, no that. Less food (and better food) and more exercise. That’s the deal.

Second, I’m not doing this for cosmetic reasons. I think I look okay, and I’m losing weight because I have medical reasons to do so. I will detail those reasons on next week’s show, but I wanted to state up front that I’m not doing this [entirely] because of the way I look.

Lastly, the call-in line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and I would love to hear your thoughts about what I’m doing at any stage of the game. Please feel free to leave a voicemail. The number is 281-826-2112, and if you’ll just tell me your name and where you’re from, that would be very, very appreciated.

Thanks for listening!

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Daniel M. Clark is a podcaster and proprietor of QAQN, a writer at, and an all-around cool dude everywhere else. God, I hate talking about myself in the third-person.

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  1. Hey Daniel – I am off to a late start in listening to your shows – good stuff.

    Like you, the fast food is a big temptation for me. One thing I was curious about was weather you think you'll work in "off" days after hitting goals where you can have some Jack in the Box or whatever?

    1. I've read some authors that suggest having a cheat day, but I'm not sure… maybe way down the road once I'm comfortable and solid in my new habits I won't mind breaking down and going to a fast food place once in a while, but I know that right now, in the beginning, it's too slippery a slope for me.

      1. I totally agree – it's a tease. The one thing i think is important to maintain is to make it a lifestyle you can enjoy, so maybe when you get to where you want to be, cheat days can be factored in.

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