Yet Another Weight Loss Show #11 – 234 – A Near Miss


It was a close one this time! This episode breaks my streak of consistent weight loss, but hey, at least I didn’t gain. I call it a near miss because I came in at 234.0 on the scale. Just a tenth of a pound more and I could have reported 233 (yes, I remove the decimal when I report my weight here). So, technically, unless my weight last week was 234.0 (which I don’t know), I’ve at least made some tiny progress… just not a nice, round number.

Also in this episode, treadmill desks! My friends Tricia Meyer and Jen Goode each built their own (Tricia’sJen’s) and I’m inspired to follow suit. As we work on buying a house (we’ll be moving in in a month if all goes well with the inspections), I’m looking at where I can put a treadmill desk. I’ve got a few ideas, and you can be sure I’ll report back here about it when it happens!

Thanks for listening!

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