Yet Another Weight Loss Show #12.1 – 230 – Live on Tape


Part of the QAQN: Rebirth initiative, this episode of Yet Another Weight Loss Show is a great jumping on point for new listeners. Two important things happen with this episode. First, I recap and summarize everything that this show is about to make it accessible to everyone. I give a backstory of my health and body issues and bring everyone up to speed on what I’m doing now in the effort to lose weight and get into better shape.

The second important thing is that this episode was broadcast on Ustream live. It was a test, really. I didn’t announce it, and only invited two people to watch because I’ve never done a live stream and didn’t want a bunch of people watching me screw up the first one – which I did. You’ll hear it. But all in all, I really enjoyed it, and I’m pretty sure I know how to avoid the glitch that plagued me during this episode, so I’ll be streaming the rest of my shows from now on… unless I’m not feeling pretty, in which case I might just stick to audio.

As far as the current weight… yeah, I’m up a bit. My low, which I don’t believe I recorded in an episode, was 222. So I’m up about 8 pounds from my low. I’m not unaware of it though, which means I can fight it. I know what I’m doing wrong… I need to get back to smaller portions and eating less. I’m also gearing up – pun totally intended – for bike riding.

The new goal (since this is a reboot and the “on a mission to drop 50 pounds no longer technically applies) is to lose 30 pounds. Short term, I’m aiming for 15 by the time Affiliate Summit comes up in mid/late August. The other 15, by the end of the year. I’ll have more updates on my progress next week!

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