Yet Another Weight Loss Show #13 – 235 – What Happened?


This has not been a good week. I knew when I woke up this morning that if I stepped on the scale, it would be higher than the last time I checked, but I wasn’t prepared for it to tell me that I’d gained nearly five pounds this week. That’s disheartening, embarrassing and unacceptable. I know why it happened… for the past several weeks, I have had zero willpower over snacks.

If this body project of mine is going to succeed, I need to find that willpower. I need to turn this around before I undo everything that I’ve done so far. I started at 250. Dropped to 222. Now I’m halfway back at 235. Un-freakin’-acceptable.

I have two challenges going on right now, both of which I’m losing. The first is at Road to Thin, where we have decided to see who could drop the most weight as a percentage of starting weight by August 30th. The second challenge was issued by Jared Saunders on episode 17 of Inside Internet Marketing. We’re both going to drop 15 pounds before Affiliate Summit in August. Of course, that’s when I was 230, so now I’ve got 20 to drop instead of 15. Ugh. I think I’ll go to the garage and see how much work my bike needs to be street-worthy.

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