Yet Another Weight Loss Show #16 – 234 – Countdown to Affiliate Summit East 2011


As I close in on Affiliate Summit East 2011, I go over a few techniques I’ll be employing to keep myself on the right track while I’m out of town.

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So, right off the bat, yeah, I know according to the title up there, I’m up a pound since last week… and I said on the show that I was down a pound. There’s a perfectly good explanation for that: I didn’t check last week’s number before pressing Record. Okay, more than that, I actually did tip the scale at 235 earlier this week, but I brought it back down to 234 this morning, so when I say I’m down, that’s what I was thinking of. I’m not down since last week, but I halted a short climb. Whew. Podcasting is hard.

Eating out can be difficult when you’re trying to watch your caloric intake. My plan for New York has two parts: eating out and eating in. For eating out, I’m planning on going to the 53rd Street Gourmet Deli, just outside the Hilton on 53rd. Fresh, lean meat and good bread will be the standard order – nothing too fatty, no mayo, maybe a little cheese. A New York deli sandwich, that’s where it’s at. I can do that for most of my meals, I think. I’ve got some other ideas that I go over on the show, too.

For eating in, I’m planning on bringing a few things with me. I’m loving these Cascadian Farms Vanilla Chip Granola Bars for a quick pick me up in the morning. I’m bringing two boxes with me. I’m also bringing some Crystal Light to keep up with my water intake (I’m not a fan of plain water – yet). Things that can be packed easily are the key here.

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  1. One thing to consider with bringing food – there is a Duane Reade (similar to Walgreens) about 2 blocks north of the Hilton on 6th Avenue.

    That's where I go to get supplies for the room, especially shakes that could explode in baggage, and sometimes protein bars get crushed in a suitcase.

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