Yet Another Weight Loss Show #17 – 232 – Down with Vinny O’Hare


I welcomed my first guest for this series tonight, Vinny O’Hare. Vinny is a friend of mine in the affiliate marketing industry, and he’s on the right track to shed some pounds and get in better shape.

Vinny is not a fat guy. Like most of us, he’s packing some extra pounds though, and he’s on the same path I am – better fitness, better weight management, healthier lifestyle. Over the course of 40 minutes we covered a wide range of topics from fast food to fad diets, morning shakes and smoothies – even giving up chicken after watching a slaughterhouse video. We talked about exercise – indoor and outdoor – and the importance of water. Also: dealing with caffeine, sugar and late-night ice cream binges.

We’re both on the right track, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Will Vinny hit 200 before I do? We might find out in a couple of months. It’s not a race, it’s a journey.

I’m glad you’re here to witness the journey. Thanks for listening, and thanks for coming on the show tonight, Vinny!

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  1. Fun episode – Vinny, I think you need to have some of my special wings that start in the over and finish up on the grill. They're cooked in a bat of beer and spices before I crisp them up. A vegan would love them!

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