Yet Another Weight Loss Show #18 – 237 – Extenuating Circumstances


I’m back after an extended time away from the microphone due to family and business travel. It looks like I’m in worse shape than before, but things are not always what they seem.

My last show was on August 4th, exactly 21 days from the recording of this episode. In that time, I went to Idaho Falls for a vacation and family event (a wedding) and to New York City for Affiliate Summit East 2011. Now, I know that in my last episode I reported a weight of 232 pounds. And yes, I see that I typed 237 up there in the title, making it look like I gained five pounds in three weeks – and technically, that’s true. In this episode I go over all the ways I failed to keep from creeping up a little and all the ways I succeeded (big time) in making sure that it wasn’t any worse than that. I cover the trip to Affiliate Summit in detail.

The best thing about this episode isn’t even in the recording, though. The best thing is that (due to time constraints) I’m posting this episode on Saturday night, August 27th, two days after it was recorded. In that time, I’ve already worked off about two pounds. That’s just a lot of junk weight from New York City coming off, but it illustrates the point that eating on the road doesn’t have to be the end of the line for diet/fitness/lifestyle change efforts. I’ve been back on the bike for the past three days since returning home, and have eaten dramatically better, and it’s already paying off.

Follow my biking progress on, if you’re so inclined.

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  1. I had the best intentions in NYC, too, but I ate worse than usual and didn't exercise at all. Bad Shawn.

    But year, that Shepherd's Pie was tasty. And I don't know if the street meat guy uses the fountain water or not, but the hot grill hopefully burns away the bad stuff. That's my grilling theory each time I start up the grill.

    Congrats on a minimal gain with all of the fun, tasty stuff available there.

    1. You know, you're right, and I should have thought about that – the stuff that makes you sick isn't on the outside of the meat or on the surface of the grill… the temperatures there are well over 500 degrees, I believe. That's got to burn off anything nasty.

      Okay, I'm down for street meat next time lol

      And thanks – I do feel like it was a pretty minimal gain. It was pretty easily worked off, too. Just now I weighed in at 234.2, which is well below my day-before-New-York weigh-in weight and getting closer to my pre-traveling-for-two-weeks weight.

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