Yet Another Weight Loss Show #2 – 249 – I Survived Thanksgiving


There was no change in my weight this week, despite a fairly major change in my diet. For the first time in many, many months, I went a week without a bite of fast food. It’s not the first time that I’ve done this – in fact, any time I’ve ever lost any kind of weight it was during a period where I laid off the fast food. I always went back to it eventually. Twice a week for lunch… swing through the drive-thru three times a week for breakfast… but no longer.

I ate responsibly at Thanksgiving. While many people stuff themselves as full of carbs and tryptophan as possible, I actually ate no more than I would at any other meal on any other day. Couple of slices of turkey breast, a bit of dark meat, a little mashed potato and some awesome cauliflower that I made up. I might post the recipe for that later on. That was all. I didn’t go nuts. Well, I did eat a couple of bites of cake afterward – literally, bites. My mom made this cake balls that were really great. They’re about the size of a golf ball and instead of frosting, you dip the ball-shaped cake in white chocolate and let it harden. Kinda like a chocolate covered strawberry, except with cake. I ate two.

Pretty modest for Thanksgiving, right?

So, that was my only life-change this past week. Fast food is officially out. Everything else remained the same. Next week, starting tomorrow, I begin with another piece of the puzzle: changing my snacks at home. Gone will be the white-flour crackers, corn chips and other not-so-great items. After that comes the really hard part – counting calories and changing my meal-time food choices.

What about exercising? I didn’t do any this week aside from a lot of walking around at the zoo on Wednesday. That’s another piece of the puzzle that will be implemented at a specific time.

Also on the podcast: I described how I got into the shape that I’m in.

Lastly, my apologies for the quality of the audio in this episode. It’s not as good as I would like it to be because I had to record in a room of the apartment that isn’t acoustically friendly to podcasting. If I wasn’t on a schedule, I might have put off recording until I could be in my normal location, but alas, it was not to be. Next week will be back to my normally clear audio quality.

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  1. I should get some Triscuits for the house – I think I could pass by them if I was starving.

    I like the music in the background – it's something I expect with this show now.

    1. Thanks! I really dig the music, too. I haven't decided if I'll do the same thing for the new podcast I'm launching next month, but I might. The right music can add a lot of flavor. The major downside is that you have to be willing to do the whole show without edits (or without subtle edits anyway). If I were to pause the recording or cut part of it out later, the music would sound like a record skip. That's why I don't do it on shows with co-hosts or guests, since those run a higher risk of needing editing.

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