Yet Another Weight Loss Show #23 – Back in the Saddle Again


After a week without a bicycle – my main form of exercise – and some pretty poor eating choices, I was feeling pretty blah. So much so that I forgot to weigh in because I was so far out of “weight loss mode”. All was not lost, however, as I explain on the show.

I really feel like I’ve turned a corner in my weight loss efforts, especially today – Saturday – as I’m posting this. I said on the show Thursday night that I wasn’t sure what my weight was but that it was probably about the same as last week (about 229 or so). I weighed in this morning, just about 36 hours after that recording, and tipped the scale at 228. Thursday morning was very likely 229, as I thought it might have been. Awesome! That means that my analysis of my new metabolism is pretty spot-on, I think. Next week, after a week of great biking and menu choices, I fully expect to be down to 226 or lower.

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